Monday, August 20, 2007

Mission Failure

The One Man Invasion has returned from Death's doorstep and while one might expect it to be a warm place (fire, brimstone, et al), it was far from it. In fact it was rain soaked and cold, a miserable combination that broke the back of the OMI's Team Bear Food. We abandoned the Carpathian Adventure Race 45 hours in with only the biking portion to finish. All started relatively well and we were sitting pretty in 8th place, but an absolutely torrential downpour forced us back to base camp after about a half dozen kilometers of biking. Race rules stated that every team had to begin the biking section by 6AM on the beginning of day three and having returned to camp five hours before the deadline, we were shot. Unable to dry off (no campfires were allowed at the base camp for reasons that can only be described as 'retarded'), without any dry clothes (hello hypothermia and/or frostbite) and faced with the unrelenting rain, we called it quits. The team felt aggrieved as we had started the biking section but had returned to camp for shelter, but our arguments fell on the deaf ears of race organizers. C'est la vie.
The race was a blast and while it was indeed a challenge, the Invasion would do it again in a heartbeat. Things were going great for the team and we were hoping for a finish in less than 48 hours, but the rain was demoralizing and debilitating. Along the way we did some tough hiking (coming across a herd of rams, being semi-chased by wild horses, and sleeping on the side of a mountain only to be woken up by a hailstorm), fun rope courses (rappelling and hauling ourselves across a small chasm), explored a cold cave after being soaked while charging through a small canyon, and built a below-average raft and paddled across a reservoir. Check out the pics below and see the fun. We've been checking out some other races and we're looking to put together a crack squad to tackle some Stateside adventures. If interested, leave your info in the comments.

before the start - everyone is happy

everyone still happy

at the top of one of our many 'last climbs'

almost 6AM, post-hailstorm, heat blanket skirt saves my life, rather miserable


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I need motivation to get in shape for adventure. Count me in.


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