Saturday, August 25, 2007

End of Days, Countdown

With the final days of the 'One Man Invasion: Romania' at hand, our thoughts turn to what's happening back stateside. Sunday September 9 marks the beginning of the Philadelphia Eagles assault on the NFL Championship their fans sanity. A tantalizing team and promising beginning to the regular season will be followed by a heartbreaking injury/loss of form and a loss in the playoffs to a team that the Eagles would've beaten if they would've been firing on all cylinders. Regardless, fans will fill the seats and get fired up for the better part of the season only to lose faith and flood 610 WIP with calls demanding a trade of McNabb, the head of Andy Reid and/or the death of Todd Pinkston/Mike Mamula/TO/new scapegoat. The Invasion loves the fact that both the Eagles and the fans are wonderfully predictable. Philadelphia Magazine takes a look at the Eagles' fans and wonders "Why Do We Care So Much?


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