Thursday, July 26, 2007

Non-Shocker of the Day: Dishonest People In Bucharest

Readers' Digest recently published a report regarding an experiment in which they tried to find out which denizens of 32 national capitals were the most honest. Leaving mid-priced Nokia phones throughout the cities, Readers' Digest followed the actions of those who picked up the phones to see if they tried to return the phones to their owner. The worldwide average was 68% attempted return rate with the residents of the Slovenian Ljubljana the most honest (29 out of 30 attempted returns) with Toronto a close second (28 of 30). Unsurprisingly, Bucharest, Romania came in second to last with 53 percent of the people who found the phones decided to keep them. Hong Kong and Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur finished last. The OMI can almost guarantee that if any Romanian was confronted with this report, they would immediately blame the thefts on Gypsies because normal Romanians would never do such a thing.


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