Saturday, October 28, 2006

Which Superhero Are You?

Weekends without travel are pretty boring for the Invasion so we keep busy by wasting away hours online. OMI's colleague Scott Fenwick let us in on a nice way to pass the time. Scott linked to an online quiz that promised to tell us which superhero we are. Apparently we are The Flash because we are fast, flirtatious and athletic. In our younger days, we remember Invasion friend Matthew Witham saying that he was Wolverine b/c he was agile. Now it's time to see who he really is, and, for that matter, see who you are.

Take the Superhero Quiz

Trick or Beer

Sick of drinking normal, run-of-the-mill beer? We aren't either, but those of you in the mood for an autumnal delight check out your local liquor store (natch). The One Man Invasion's hometurf has produced a pumpkin beer that has received praise not normally reserved for pumpkin beer. Dogfish Head Punkin' Ale is now available wherever you can find it.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Are You an American? A True American?

With the extension of the Patriot Act in our rearview mirror, it's time the One Man Invasion took stock of our American-ness. We must admit that invading and subjugating educating a foreign country nets us mad points, this is only in an abstract sense. Thankfully a test has come along to test our knowledge of the home country. We took the test and now it's time for you, loyal reader, to measure up. Slide on over to the BabyBoomer Headquarters (yes, we know the site name is a big turnoff) and take their American Civ Quiz. The Invasion scored a 41.5 which is above average. Throw in our invasion bonus points and we're only steps away from throwing our name in the running for the Iowa/New Hampshire primaries. Post your scores in the comments. No cheating either.

76ers Kinda Preview is doing its NBA season season previews and the beloved 76ers are being previewed. While this is shocking (it's NBA season already!), following the Invasion's viewing and blogging of the Sixers actually makes this entry more depressing than shocking. Go Sixers and the OMI is setting its sites as low as possible so anything remotely good will be a big plus. Check it out.
Five Tiny Tidbits on the 76ers

Thursday, October 26, 2006

...When the Living's Easy (pt. 2)

Timisoara is where the Romanian Revolution really kicked off and here is the square, Piata Victoriei or Victory Square, where it all began.

Piata Victoriei is a symbol of freedom for the Romanian freedom and it is only fitting that an American symbol of freedom graces the piata as well.

While in Timisoara, the Invasion taught at a summer school for a week. The kids were elementary school age and they spoke English pretty well. With the combined power of McDonalds, cartoons and rap music, one would think that American culture could brainwash the minds of the world's youth and consequently take over the world. What's that? Already done, you say? Oh.

Also in Timisoara, the Invasion finally realized why Romanians take forever to do construction work. Union nonsense? Nay. Laziness? Good guess, but no. Delayed because they come across human remains? Bingo.

the road was on top of an old catacomb, or so they say

Finally, the Invasion was in Timisoara for July 4th and somehow ended up in some studio with two colleagues on live television answering questions about Independence Day. Mind you, the talking was only in Romanian so the stakes were high. As you all know, the OMI does its best work on the silver screen and doesn't like to step down to do tv, but in the name of charity, the Invasion will lower its standards. Although the pressure was on, you'll be glad to know that the OMI and colleagues did the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave proud. Following the television appearance, a trip to the Timisoareana beer factory was in order.
Next for the Invasion was a trip to Vienna which was really sweet. Not too many pictures here, but the OMI did stumble across something rather interesting about Viennese musical taste.

Roxy Music(?) and Billy Idol are above Robert Plant on the marquee

Next stop was Budapest, another lovely city on the Danube.

St. Stephen's Basilica, a damn good name for a place

After the foreign jaunt, the Invasion returned to Romania and took care of some stuff.

fed the pets

cut the grass

Back in Campulung things were heating up at the Bucovina Folk Festival. It was hot and the peasants rocked out. Check it.

The One Man Invasion then headed west to Satu Mare to organize/direct an English language camp. The Invasion's infiltration of society can be confirmed by the fact that the OMI was put in charge of a large group of students. The local population has been won over by the OMI's wit, charm and stunning good looks diligence and sense of responsibility and placed the nation's young minds in its hands.
After the camp, the OMI crossed the country and hit the Black Sea coast for a conference. The highlight of the conference was the live fantasy football draft but the seaside wasn't too shabby either.

That was basically it for the summer. Winter is only a week or two away and it's already snowed once here. Although it wasn't much and melted before sunrise, it was a bad omen of the long and strong winter that is to come.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

...When the Living's Easy (pt. 1)

This past summer the One Man Invasion traveled far and wide, embedded in the muck so you, loyal reader, can see what life behind the Iron Curtain is really like.
We begin by keeping it local: Gura Humorului, a small town near Campulung and home to one of the famous Painted Monasteries of Bucovina.

On the inside lots of the pictures displayed martyrs and how they bit the dust, very uplifting stuff. We don't think pictures were allowed, but no one was around and if no one sees us take a picture in a Romanian painted monastery, is the picture taken at all?

Also Gura is home to giant bird nests on top of telephone poles.

Sticking with the local flavor, here are some shots of the Campulung area taken while the OMI was off hiking on reconnaissance.

these wild horses later attacked me, but they couldn't drag me away

Next the Invasion headed off to Timisoara, "The First Free City of Romania". Where our story debriefing will continue.


E-mag is joining up with environmentalist web site treehugger to fight global warming one person at a time. Start off by navigating over to their page and reading their ideas for going on a carbon diet. The carbon diet is an attempt "to reduce the amount of CO2 that you put into the atmosphere by 20 percent." You start off by taking a quiz to establish your CO2 usage and then you go from there., treehugger and you, with your powers combined Captain Planet will arrive and take pollution down to zero you could win a free t-shirt and you can act morally superior to the other wasteful jerks.

update: Unfortunately this quiz is biased since when it comes to the 'Heating' part there is no mention of heating your house with wood. The Invasion can only assume that if you use a soba to heat your home, you are so environmentally friendly that you get a free pass to heaven.

update #2: The OMI scored 36,651 lbs in annual carbon emissions. American average is 44,312. We got hosed on the heating question and a question about a dishwasher. All the train travel killed us. Post your score in the comments.

!Firefox 2.0!

If you're not using Firefox already, here's a chance to get on the bandwagon and act like you've always not been a moron. Mozilla just released Firefox 2.0 and it's ready to rock, meaning no 'beta' version nonsense.
In case you need convincing, start with the tabbed browsing and throw in the fact that it's safer too. The extensions are cool as is the built-in spellcheck. Finally it's open-source and open-source software is where it's at, with two turntables and a microphone.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tirades and Booze

Thanks to the greatness of podcasts and YouTube the One Man Invasion has managed to keep up reasonably well on the sports scene in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. This past week the world wide web has graced us with the hilarious meltdown of Arizona Cardinals' coach Dennis Green. If you haven't seen it, it's below.

Green postgame blowup reminds us of another OMI favorite, the Jim Mora "PLAYOFFS!" rant. Both are great, but as we all know, there can only be one highlander. Compare them and see for yourself which is better.

Also, Herm Edwards contributed this gem while he was the coach of the Jets. "You play to win the game," a great reminder to those who thought you played to lose.

After some calm reflection over these, the OMI has concluded that before these coaches hit their press conferences, they are in need of some, well, calm reflection. If the Invasion was a professional coach, we would make sure to have a strong cocktail or two to calm our inner beast before we faced the press. This would also throw in the possibility of coaches having a bit much to drink and having a drunken meltdown. In fact while the Invasion was the coach of the U-10 KSC Tennessee, we made sure to be half-sauced after matched regardless of the presence of the press.

Your Parents Were Right

One of the greatest disappointments of maturation is finding out that your parents were mostly correct. Eating vegetables, doing homework, and being clean have all been advised by the Invasion's parents and in the long run have all benefitted us, to our dismay. A recent article in linking television watching and autism begins to confirm what we have been told for years. Apparently television will indeed fry your brain and turn you into a zombie.
Before you go running to make your bed and be nice to your siblings, critics to the article have risen to defend the all-powerful television. Another article on has criticized the study as well as another from the Freakonomics Blog. Read them for yourself and make up your own television-fried mind.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sticking it to the Man

Long for the days when Napster ruled over all? Want to find free music on the internet? Check it. Use Google to do the legwork for you. Use this search in Google: -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:"index of" mp3 "yeah yeah yeahs". Just replace yeah yeah yeahs with whatever your looking for. This works with mp3 or other files, just replace mp3 with whatever you want (avi, wma, mpeg, etc). Enjoy, just don't tell Lars Ulrich.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Idaho Means Nothing

Continuing with the free time theme, the OMI recently stumbled across a list of the 10 Greatest Hoaxes on One of the best concerns the fact that Idaho is just a made up name. From the web site:
When a name was being selected for new territory, eccentric lobbyist George M. Willing suggested "Idaho," which he claimed was a Native American term meaning "gem of the mountains".
It was later revealed Willing had made up the name himself, and the original Idaho territory was re-named Colorado because of it. Eventually the controversy was forgotten, and modern-day Idaho was given the made-up name when the Idaho Territory was formally created in 1863.

When the OMI was in the fourth grade, we did a report on Idaho, but we never knew that Idaho meant nothing. We had a bowl of potato chips. Half of the chips were plain and the other half were salt & vinegar. When people came by and ate one, they were expecting plain chips b/c salt & vinegar chips look just like plain ones. The faces of the people who got the salt & vinegar chips were great. Try it sometime.

It'll Blow Your Mind

If you have some spare time, which the One Man Invasion most certainly does, sit down and check out Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time. It's extremely enlightening and while it doesn't quite measure up to the intellect of this blog, it'll turn the gears of your brain just a bit.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Get Us Arenas

The OMI is always looking to the future and with the end of our stint in Romania on the horizon, repatriation will soon be at hand. While pondering the questions of whether invading our home shores will get us tossed in Guantanamo, the Invasion has also been wondering what its next mission will be. After watching the Philadelphia 76ers lose to Barcelona then defeat the Phoenix Suns in the course of seven days, we've come to the conclusion that the Sixers are completely dependent upon Allen Iverson. This shocking discovery coupled with the fact that Iverson is coming to the end of his great career means that the years of mediocrity will soon be gone. The mediocrity will be replaced by absolute hopelessness b/c not only will the Sixers be without their star player, but they will be totally at the mercy of Billy King. Normally this is where we would put our 'he's the King of Idiot GMs in the NBA' joke, but thankfully for him, Isiah Thomas has that title wrapped up for the next few centuries. Regardless, King needs to go and the Invasion feels that we should be brought in to replace him. If someone could make this happen, the first order of business would be to get Gilbert Arenas. Not only is Arenas lights-out good, but he's also a first rate character, someone we can really relate to. Recently, Esquire did a story on the Arenas and his quirks. It's an absolute must read and it'll convince you the Sixers should pull out all stops to get this man. Here's a bit to whet your appetite:
Other guys will be out, the steak house, the clubs, just rollin'. Me, I'm fine...I'll watch three or four movies. I'll watch infomercials. The last thing I bought was this colon cleanser. I just got talked into it. I'm like, Man, he makes it sound so good.

Yeah. I trained myself to sleep on the couch...I don't like women all up on me, touching me. So I get up and go.

On the road, I eat hamburgers every day. The team tries to get me to eat differently, but no. Burgers, burgers, burgers. I like burgers. McDonald's burgers. Wendy's burgers. Burger King burgers. There's this one place in Canada - I even look at the schedule to find out when we play there - best burger I've ever tasted. Real soft and sweet. I ate twelve of them in one night.

When I get a new cell phone, first thing I do is turn it off and call from my house phone and leave stupid little messages to myself. Like: "It's me." "It's me." "This is Gilbert." "It's me." "It's Gilbert." I just fill it up, so no one can leave messages. If you don't, you leave for an hour and thirteen people have called. So there are thirteen new messages you have to listen to and it's like, Oh, man. I don't feel like hearing people's stories.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bad News If You Live In America

A Los Angeles Times article reports that the United States has become a dumping ground for products that contain substances banned in other countries. You'll have to sign up for the LA Times and we know you won't do it, so here's what they're reporting.
As the European Union and other nations have tightened their environmental standards, mostly in the last two years, manufacturers — here and around the world — are selling goods to American consumers that fail to meet other nations' stringent laws for toxic chemicals.

Wood, toys, electronics, pesticides and cosmetics are among U.S. products that contain substances that are banned or restricted elsewhere, particularly in Europe and Japan, because they may raise the risk of cancer, alter hormones or cause reproductive or neurological damage.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies have relied on voluntary steps from industries rather than regulations, saying the threats posed by low levels of chemicals are too uncertain to eliminate products valuable to consumers or businesses

The EPA hasn't eliminated any industrial compounds since it sought unsuccessfully to ban asbestos 18 years ago. Unlike EU policies, U.S. law requires the EPA to prove a toxic substance "presents an unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment," consider the costs of restricting its use and choose "the least burdensome" approach to regulate industry.

"The dumping problem is concentrated in a few product sectors. But these sectors happen to be really ubiquitous in the everyday lives of Americans. Chemical risks are being spread all over the country in ways that are invisible to consumers," said Alastair Iles, an international chemical policy expert who was a research fellow at UC Berkeley and still works with faculty there on consumer issues.

Last year alone, China exported to the United States more than half a billion dollars' worth of hardwood plywood — enough to build cabinets for 2 million kitchens, a sixfold increase since 2002. Though China sends low-formaldehyde timber to Japan and Europe, Americans are getting wood that emits substantially higher levels of the chemical.

The One Man Invasion feels it necessary to offer our condolences to those of you living stateside. Our advice is to start wearing facemasks and rubber gloves at all times and/or write your congressmen and tell them that you'd rather not be the world's dumping ground. That's what Mexico is for. The OMI is obviously not worried at all since Romania is a soon to be EU country and we don't accept the crap that you Americans do. Suckers.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Cometh the Man, Cometh the Carney writer AJ Daulerio has taken his 'Cultural Oddsmaker' column to new heights by putting odds on the likeliness of Eagles fans to get booted out of this weekend's game. If you are an Eagles fan, this article is pure genius. If not but you still know Eagles fans and the situation this weekend (TO returns), you'll understand.
The official Unemployed OMI Football Hero has some experience with the Linc fuzz but due to his charm, or more likely his overwhelming size, was never ejected. Although our Unemployed Football Hero almost got kicked out, the OMI guesses another brother-in-arms is more likely to go due to his tendency toward drunken irrational madness. Check out the article and think which one most resembles the great Carney. Invasion analysis below.

Goateed Man With Own Name on Back of Eagles Jersey (4/1): Unlikely for Carney. He doesn't have a personalized Eagles jersey and he spends most of his money on booze or ladies, not at Modell's. While he is a "squatty fella in the black and green," he wouldn't be kicked out for punching a security guard. If anything, he would goad Witham into doing it for him.

Man Wearing Sweatpants (3/1): Very likely. After a hard week of work and two nights of hard boozing, Carnito would definitely hit the Linc in sweats and an Eagles jersey. His not giving a shit attitude would dovetail perfectly with "a profanity-laced tirade about the inconsistencies of holding penalties articulated most effectively by starting the 'Azzzz-ole' chant." Also the aroma of smokes and booze following this man hit the nail on the head.

Dumpy Young Woman in Gray Hooded Sweatshirt and Pink Eagles Baseball Hat (4/1): Unexpectedly somewhat likely. While our man would never wear a pink hat or be girly, he would definitely spend "all night partying..until 3 am the night before," "rally enough to wake up at 8:30 am," and have a "raspy voice [and] the raucous laughter and [be] everyone in [his] section."

Dudes in Mike Zordich Jerseys (3/1): Very Likely. Our man has no qualms about being one of the guys who cheers "the loudest right before kickoff, but halfway through the first quarter, their attention span will turn to stealthily pouring their Hawaiian Punch Rum Runners into white plastic cups." Also the OMI can definitely see him getting kicked out for "throwing empty cup at black guy in Roy Williams jersey three rows down."

All being said, Matt Carney is a genius. He has accomplished many a thing that I never have. Irvinglongface once noted that we should all be studying from this master. What we should be studying, that's a completely different conversation.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

They Should Play a Romanian Team Next Time

Welcome to Barcelona via Romania. It's a Philadelphia 76ers preseason game vs. Barcelona. Let's see how it goes. All times are Eastern European Standard.

955: Vlad Divac is in the house and he is accompanied by his lovely neck beard.
956: Winterthur is apparently the 76ers sponsor this year. It says Winterthur on the front of their warmups. A very tough image the team is projecting.
959: Wait, nevermind. Barcelona is the team sponsored by Winterthur. How or why this is, I have no clue. I was confused b/c Barcelona has a dead ringer for Kyle Korver on their team. I wonder if he can play defense.
1000: Rosters shown on tv...Shavlik Randolph is on the Sixers!! Kevin Ollie too! No wonder the Sixers suck. I have no clue who the Barcelona players are. The Romanian announcer says, "The Philadelphia 76ers didn't have a phenomenal season last year." Apprently this man is a master of the understatement. They announce the name of every player over the PA system. The Romanian announcer says, "Fans love Kyle Korver because he looks like Ashton Kutcher." What's the over/under on him mentioning the Korver/Kutcher resemblence throughout the game? I put it at a cool half dozen.
1003: Sixers starting 5: Iguodala, The Man With No Knees (CWebb), Dalembert, Willie Green (I forgot about him, he's good), and Iverson. Iverson is 31 years old! Jesus Christ, I remember when he was drafted. I'm officially an adult. Stamp it. When you start saying, "I remember when that guy was in college/a rookie/the next big thing," you are an adult.
1006: Barcelona starting 5: the awesomely name Rodrigo de la Fuente, some guy, Denis Marconato, Jaka Latkovic, Juan Carlos Moreno. The announcers tells us that Moreno is a world champion from this summer. Whatever.
1008: Oh lord. They play with the trapezoidal shaped lane here. I need to adjust the spread that the we posted.
1009: David Stern in the house! Some players from the Barcelona soccer team in the house!
1010: Tipoff. Sammy vs. Marconato. Marconato wins but knocks it out of bounds. By the way, the 'some guy' in the Barcelona starting five is Fran Vasquez. I knew that you were dying to know.
1011: Willie Green hits a jumper (2-0). Iguodala grabs a board, hits CWebb The Man With No Knees (4-0). Barcelona comes down and bangs a 3. Uh-oh. Euros and their 3-point shooting prowess. Willie Green seems to be running the point.
1013: TMWNK misses an open dunk after a great behind the back pass from Iguodala. He made it about two inches off the floor. Thankfully he was fouled to save himself the shame.
1015: Wait, AI is now running the point. What's going on here? I have also been notified that Willie Green is 1.89 meters tall.
1016: Barcelona have Winterthur on the front of their jerseys too. Someone explain this to me. They also can't get inside and are shooting all jumpers.
1017: The Sixers are just too big and strong inside. They are bossing this game (16-6) are should be able to hammer away inside all night. AI decides against this strategy and takes an ill-advised fadeaway jumper. He misses. Maybe this will be a closer game than I thought.
1018: Willie Green commits a hard foul. The crowd whistles and Latkovic complains. Welcome to the NBA, eurowimp. Green out w/two fouls, Korver in. Announcer mentions the Korver/Kutcher connection (that's 2 for you counting at home).
1019: Dalembert gets a bucket and the foul. Sixers are too strong down low.
1020: Iguodala hits a three. When did he get range on his jumper?
1021: The Man With No Knees takes a three. What a moron. Barcelona come down and score (21-17). Sixers have decided not to play defense.
Time for a tv timeout. Semi-sexy dancers take to the floor.
76ers = 75% FG, Barcelona = 64%, defense = 0%
1025: Dalembert (2.11 m) makes $9 million!! Again, Billy King is a complete idiot. Apparently $9mil only buys you one of two free throws. It also gets you a spot on the bench. Shavlik Randolph comes in. Time for Barcelona to go on a run.
1026: As if on cue, Randolph is called for three seconds.
1027: Randolph gets burned on a pick and roll and Korver misses a backdoor cutter. Barcelona dunk. The Washington Generals play better defense.
1028: Barcelona calls a timeout. The coach must be telling the team to go right at Randolph or Korver. Even he knows they can't play defense.
1030: 76ers 22 - Barca 21
1031: Romanian announcer says, "NBA players have lots of problems with the police. They make a lot of money and are permitted to do a lot." I laugh.
1032: The Sixers are getting worked on the pick and roll. Allen Iverson is 1.83 meters tall.
1039: AI misses two free throws and the Sixers have been missing them all night. Barcelona takes a 26-25 lead.
1041: Randolph dunks! In related news, hell freezes over.
End of first quarter: Sixers 30 - Barcelona 29.
A vodka commercial comes on and the One Man Invasion believes drinking vodka is a really good idea if you plan to follow the Sixers this year.
1046: Kevin Ollie and Randolph are in with Korver and some guy named Carney. The first three definitely suck and if the Carneys I know are anything to go by, the Sixers' Carney will suck too.
1048: Mo Cheeks calls a timeout and is pissed. He needs to take the blame for this one since he put these clowns on the floor. Actually GM Billy King needs to take some of the blame too since he got these clowns. He is a complete idiot and is killing the franchise. If the Phils got rid of their front office idiots, the Sixers should be able to as well.
1050: Kevin Ollie is running the point. Korver misses and is 0-3 so far. Some guy named Hunter blocks a shot and is putting himself about the court. He's lively.
1053-1056: Here's a lovely sequence...Randolph outjumped for a rebound, he fouls someone, he is then beaten in the post off the inbound pass and Barcelona scores; Korver finally scores; Carney fouls and Barcelona hit both free throws (a novel concept); 76ers turnover; Randolph outjumped/outrebounded yet again, Barcelona hit a three.
1057: Randolph fouls again and is taken out. He has had quite a positive impact on the game. Unfortunately the positive impact has been for Barcelona.
1058: So far the 76ers are shooting 56% from the free thrown line while Barcelona are at 100%. The Man With No Knees just pulled down a rebound without jumping. Not because he didn't have to jump but because he couldn't jump. Also there is a man on the Sixers named Ivan McFarlin and he isn't white. This is beyond comprehension.
1102: Some Spaniard named Roger throws up one of the ugliest threes ever but gets back and plays tough defense. Apparently he is the Spanish Mark Madsen.
1103: AI turns the ball over. It's 40-40 with four minutes left in the half.
1104: TMWNK is smiling about something as he waits for the ball to be inbounded. It's prolly b/c he realizes that although he's not much better than the guy he's guarding, he makes prolly 100 times his salary.
1106: Juan Carlos Navarro gets hit with a technical foul. Did anyone say "Latin Temper!"
1107: Another tv timeout. Sexier dancers take to the floor, I think they are Spanish.
1111: Darryl Dawkins in the house!
1113: For a guy with no knees, CWebb is playing well. He's hit for 6 points in about two minutes.
1119: Ollie throws up a brick at the buzzer. 51-51 at the half.
Halftime Analysis: If the Sixers keep pounding down low and play defense and keep Randolph on the bench they could win. If they make their free throws too it would help. Don't count on any of it happening.
1136: 2nd half begins. Dalembert quickly misses two free throws.
1139: AI misses another fade away jumper. Barcelona comes down and dunks. Mo Cheeks calls a timeout.
1141: Out of the timeout, the Sixers quickly commit a turnover and Barca score (58-51 Barcelona).
1142: Willie Green is fouled, misses both free throws.
1145: Kyle Korver converts a three point play. Iverson gets the ball off a rebound and turns it over. He's been terrible all night but it's okay. It's just a practice game. Turnovers are 13-8, score is 56-64, no prizes for guessing which numbers are the Sixers'.
1154: CWebb dunks. Without jumping more than two inches off the ground he is still the 76ers' best player. Unfortunately he can't play defense and gets smoked at the other end.
1158: AI misses another fadeaway. He just doesn't have it tonite.
1200: Sixers go into a zone. Bad idea as Barcelona hit a long jumper.
1203: Sixers have no idea how to run a pick and roll. Calls start going the 76ers' way and the Barcelona coach throws a fit and gets hit with a tech. He obviously doesn't know that this is the NBA and that the fix is on.
1205: Dalembert hits both from the free throw line, hell freezes over again. Sixers take a lead, 73-72. End of a forgettable 3rd quarter.
1210: 4th quarter begins, time for the Sixers to turn it on.
1216: Another Korver/Kutcher reference from the Romanian announcer. Kevin Ollie called for backcourt but announcer doesn't notice it b/c he's still talking about the Korver/Kutcher thing. This counts as two references taking the total to four on the nite.
1220: Iguodala goes 1-2 from the line. Webber grabs the miss and he scores. He's playing well. Sixers up 78-77.
1221: Juan Carlos Navarro goes coast-to-coast and hits a nice layup. He's a good player, give him a contract.
1223: Webber misses two free throws. If the 76ers lose, it will be all about missed free throws. If they win, it'll be b/c Randolph has yet to play in the second half.
1229: AI hits one of two from the line. Sixers get the ball back and Iguodala misses a layup. Barcelona come down and hit a three (87-81, Barca).
1232: Dalembert slams off a pass from CWebb. Should've been doing this all game.
1233: AI misses a layup. Dalembert gets the rebound and scores. Iverson is either high or hungover, take your pick.
1235: Another AI miss, another Dalembert rebound. Sammy and CWebb are the Sixers' best players by a mile. Navarro and Shavlik Randolph are Barcelona's best.
1236: Barcelona lead 91-90 with two minutes left.
1237: AI gets burned on defense but draws a foul bringing the ball up. He makes only one of two free throws.
1238: Barcelona hits a three. Webber commits a turnover. Barca hit another three and the guy is fouled. He makes the free throw. I'm going to puke. This is an 11-3 run for Barcelona and the score is 100-91.
1241: It's desperation time for the Sixers. The crowd is going bonkers.
1243: Less than a minute left, Barcelona miss but get their own rebound. Dalembert blocks a shot and Iguodala slams home on the break, 100-95 Barcelona. The Sixers start fouling to get the ball back but it won't work, Barcelona makes their free throws. This game is over.
1245: Webber takes a three and misses.
1248: A bunch of free throws and nonsense shots later and the game is over. Barcelona win 104-92. The Sixers were pretty piss poor. The were god-awful from the free throw line and that's why they lost. Iverson was horrendous too. Hopefully the Eagles keep winning b/c there is no hope from the 76ers this year.
As for the took the over, Barcelona regarding the points and the under with the Korver/Kutcher thing.

Sixers Preseason Live on Romanian TV

The Philadelphia 76ers play Barcelona in a preseason game tonight at 10 EEST (Eastern Europe Standard Time). The game will be shown live on TVSport Romania! The One Man Invasion is going to attempt to watch this game and keep a running diary, hopefully blogging between quarters at the end of the game. Seeing as we have no idea who Barcelona has (Ronaldinho at guard, perhaps?) or the Sixers for that matter (is Mike Gminski still around?), this should be an interesting one. The OMI did manage to get some pictures of a Barcelona practice (see below) and they look tough. There is no line on the game but the OMI will set it for all you gamblers out there. It'll give you something to wager on since online poker is going down the tubes stateside. The Invasion has the Sixers at -8 and the over/under at 159. Bets will only be accepted in Romania New Lei.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Back When Men Were Men...

And a sex scandal was sexy and scandalous. With all the coverage of the Foley Gay IM Scandal taking up an untold amount of bandwidth, it's time to turn back the clock to a time when DC knew how to swing. Here's an TIME magazine article's opening paragraph from October 1974:

Speeding without lights down a street near the White House at 2 o'clock one morning last week, the 1973 Lincoln Continental bore five people toward the Jefferson Memorial. Among them was an odd couple: an intoxicated, aging man with a badly scratched face and bloody nose and a hysterical, curvaceous woman. When police halted the car, the woman leaped out and jumped into the nearby Tidal Basin, a 10-ft.-deep estuary of the Potomac River. The man stumbled out after her, just before an officer dragged her to safety. When the police refused to let him drive her home, the man shouted: "I'm a Congressman, and I'll have you demoted."

The congressman was Wilbur Daigh Mills, 65, the 18-term Democrat from Arkansas. Mills wasn't arrested or even reprimanded. He was just hanging with a stripper called Fanne Foxe, the Argentinian Firecracker, and what's the big deal with that? That's what the Invasion is talking about. The only sex scandals I can think of are when Bill Clinton got his wang suckified and when Clarence Thomas asked Anita Hill if she watched porno or something like that. What has Joe Biden or Tom Carper done? Mike Castle is close to death's doorstep and he isn't 65.
Romanians see American politicians as relatively clean people, but only because they don't catch the subtlety of the Abramoff Lobbying or Valerie Plame Leak scandals (and also because Romanian politicians are prolly way worse). On the other hand, Romanians all know Monica Lewinsky. Therefore, the OMI kindly requests that our representatives strive for more sleaze in government, particularly more sex scandals and things that will garner lots of international attention in order to show the true face of American politics to those who are in the dark.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mid Service Conference

In August the Invasion met up with colleagues for a conference at the seaside town of Mangalia. Although the lectures on corruption and post-service employment were exhilarating, the true highlight of the conference was the fantasy football draft. The Romanian Fantasy Fiesta League gained access to a conference room that overlooked the Black Sea and was equipped with microphones. What transpired can only be the greatest draft ever. All pics were announced over the sound system and the atmosphere exuded professionalism and class. It was awesome.


In between dumping women (sometimes via fax), Phil Collins has been known to play a tune or three (sometimes with Genesis). So after splitting up with his third wife earlier this year, Phil is getting back with the Genesis crew (sans Peter Gabriel) and touring in 2007. This gives the OMI's favorite Genesis fan ample time to find a job only to quit it in order to queue up for tickets.

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