Monday, May 30, 2005

Buna from Codlea

The invasion is officially underway. Due to lack of internet access, it's difficult to chronicle the assimilation. Daily posts will continue in October or so. Until then, check email inboxes for updates. Over and out.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Political Bullshit

It's a good thing we can elect our representatives and then trust them to act for the good of the citizenry without keeping tabs on them. No need whatsoever to make sure these snakes honorable politicos aren't selling us out so they can pad their re-election fund. Unfortunately the doubting Thomases over at aren't so gullible. The site provides "current information on what our representatives are doing in Congress." It's updated daily, so take a look and make sure you're not getting screwed.

In other political news, Rush Limbaugh takes his show to the internet via podcasting on June 3. The following day Al Franken announced his own internet show called 'Rush Limbaugh's Podcast is a Big Fat Idiot'. He will talk about why no one listens to Air America Radio. (Actually we made the last two sentences up.)

Wiffleball and Moofis' Food

It's just about Summertime, and although I will be out of the country, it doesn't mean I can't keep up on the world's greatest wiffle ball league, Wiffleball for Alcohol. Actually, thanks to the power of the internet, you can track WB4Alcohol wherever you are, just head over to Le Blog de Mofo for weekly(?) updates. Will Hohman's team is the odds-on favorite to take the cup this year, but Evans' squad might make it interesting if they show up on time, which is highly unlikely.

In other news, my going away party was a massive success and great time. I've posted my pics from the party on my picture page, so check 'em out whenever. Below is just a taste of what's inside.

suprisingly he left a few pieces for the dog 

Friday, May 06, 2005

Just Some Smut Peddling

America's fave message leaver, Pat O'Brien recently appeared on Dr. Phil during prime-time to address his battles with drugs, booze and sex. The highlight of the show was without a doubt Dr. Phil playing O'Brien's voicemails back to him as both men sat in shamed silence. O'Brien's newly minted catch phrase "you're so fucking hot" was peppered throughout the messages as was his desire to get some coke and hire a hooker to engage in a 3some. If these were released by a record label, the Invasion believes they would be odds-on to win the Grammy in the Comedy and Spoken Word catergories. In case you haven't heard O'Brien's opus, we're throwing it up on for your listening pleasure. Act fast and laugh hard.

Back in Action

After a brief vacation to the Dominican Republic, the Invasion is back blowing your mind with revelations worthy of the New Testament. Keep your eyes open and browsers refreshing for a flurry of info coming for our staff at the OMI. For now check out the pics from the trip, most are pretty stupid, but whatev. Also, the Chappelle update below is pretty knuts.

Right by the beach, boyee 

Life Imitating Art??

Actually a recent paparazzi photo 

Production for Season III of Chappelle's Show was recently halted amidst rumors of Chappelle's 'erratic' behavior. Defamer reports hearing he's off his rocker. Check out also for a story on how Chappelle is apparently nuts. Sift through the limey slang and you'll read Chappelle was spotted at an ATM getting loads of cash out. Lawyers are hovering waiting to nail Chappelle for breaching his $50 million contract. Any guesses how he'll be found/arrested in the next few weeks? The Invasion has put a crisp tenner on him being nabbed for killing a police horse after feeding it Cheetos.